Operation Allied Force Update – 1 June 1999 09:30




1 June 1999

Operation Allied Force Update



NATO continued its relentless pressure on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s military during Day 69 of Operation Allied Force.

NATO continued to grind down the Serb military and special police capability deployed in Kosovo. Aircraft struck three tanks, 13 artillery pieces, 12 armoured personnel carriers, six mortar positions, a multiple rocket launcher and assorted military vehicles, revetted positions and troop positions.

Again, NATO attacked a wide range of strategic targets, further degrading Belgrade’s ability to direct, sustain and resupply these forces. Targets included:

Electric power transformer yard at Nis

Electric power transmission tower near Belgrade

Airfields at:

Surface to air missile support facility near Belgrade

Ammunition storage sites at:

Petroleum storage sites at:

Military petroleum refueling station at Marash

Engineering depot at Sabac

Military storage areas at:

Command bunkers at:

Radio relay sites at:

AM radio broadcast stations at:

TV/FM relay stations at:

MUP Headquarters at Pristina

Army barracks at:

Military training area at Pukovac

Border posts at:

Highway bridge at Raska

Specific sortie figures are not yet available, but the generally good weather experienced yesterday allowed NATO to sustain a significant level of operations. All NATO aircraft returned safely. Allied Force operations are underway on Day 70. Further details will be available at the NATO morning update at 1030.



PDF: Operation Allied Force Update – 1 June 1999