Varvarin, a town of 4000 inhabitants.

The region of Varvarin has totally 25000 inhabitants.

Towns in the vicinity of Varvarin: Para}in, in the north and Kru{evac in the south.

On Sunday, 30 May 1999, there was the religious holiday Holy Trinity and the market day. There were a lot of busy people in the streets.

Around 13.20 o clock, the formation of three NATO fighters were flying above the town, and then, one of them started to descend and launched two missiles (according to experts of the Yugoslav Army, the missiles were from the group /class AGM-130). One of the missiles hit the central part of the steel structure of the bridge (Video recordings are of less quality and they are not tone) about 200 meters long and broke it. At the moment of the attack there were several people and cars on the bridge.

After the detonation, which broke the glass and made damage on the objects of the “Plaza” hotel , the church, the Municipal building and shops, people from the church, together with the priest, went to help the injured who were on the part of the bridge above the water.(video)

Four or five minutes after the first attack, while people were trying to help the casualties, there was the second missile attack and two missiles hit the remnants of the bridge and destroyed it. (video)

Ten people were killed. (video )

Sixteen people were less or more seriously injured.

The bridge was rebuilt on November 7, 1999. Near the bridge the monument for victims of the bombardment on May 30, 1999 was erected.