Surdulica is the Municipality in the southeast of Serbia with approximately 10,000 inhabitants. The main branch of economy is agriculture.

During the aggression on the FRY Surdulica Municipality was bombarded several times by NATO air forces.

The first attack was on March 30, 1999, when the village of Jelasnica was bombarded.

On April 6, 1999, an empty barracks of the Yugoslav Army was bombarded (people, war means and materials s were timely evacuated). During this bombing 4 civilians were injured. Three persons were injured while working in the fields and one person was injured in the garden of his house at the time.

On April 27, 1999, during the bombardment of the barracks of the Yugoslav Army, the house of the Milic family was hit by a projectile. The fact that only a crater remained on the place of the house tells about destructive power of the projectile. In ruins of the cellar 9 persons were killed (7 members of Milic family, cousins and friends). A house in Beogradska Street, around 500 m far from the barracks, was destroyed by another projectile.

There were two attacks on water supply system and forestry facilities on May 29, 1999.

On May 30/31, 1999, Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases, Refugees Centre and Pensioners Centre were also bombarded when 19 persons were killed (refugees from Croatia and tenants of Pensioners Centre) and 38 were injured.

During the bombardment of Surdulica, 28 civilians were killed and 49 sustained slight or serious bodily injuries. It is indicative that no one member of the Yugoslav Army or the Ministry of the Interior was killed during the bombing of Surulica.