The Committee for Compiling Data on Crimes Committed against Humanity and International Law (in further text: the Committee) was an expert body of the Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which had been composed of the President, Vice-President and seven members who are University Professors at the Belgrade University School of Law, representatives of the highest judicial institutions or other eminent persons. They were all doing their duties as volunteers at the Committee. The Committee was founded in 1993.

Its task was to organize gathering and  compilinge data on murders, serious body injuries, damaging of physical and mental health of civilians, attacks on civilians, taking hostages and punishing all people, illegal imprisonment and taking civilians into concentration camps, compelling them to forced labour, damaging or destroying property of the population not justified by military needs, depriving the population of their property, attacking objects especially protected by international law; on murders, tortures and inhuman acts towards the wounded and sick, medical personnel and members of religious organisations, prisoners and war captives, on damaging, destroying and plundering cultural and historical monuments and buildings for public and humanitarian needs, the misuse of international law, the violation of essential human rights and freedom in regard to religious and national differences, which are acknowledged by the international community; on executors, commanders and organizers of crimes against humanity and international law and criminal proceedings which were initiated or are initiated against them.

The Committee prepared reports, announcements and information about its work, transmited data to authorized state bodies in order to prosecute doers of criminal acts and cooperate with appropriate UN bodies, the International Government and non-Government organizations.

From 1991 activity of the Committee in compiling data on crimes and violaton of humanitarian war law in armed conflicts in parts of the Former Yugoslavia attaches to the appropriate Resolution of the Security Council of the UN.