Novi Pazar

Novi Pazar has 40,000 inhabitants. It is administrative, cultural and industrial center of the region. It is situated 278 km south of Belgrade, 100 km north-west of Pristina and 100 km south-west of Kraljevo.

The region of Novi Pazar has totally 74,000 inhabitants.

In the course of NATO attacks on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the region of Novi Pazar was a military target several times: the attacks caused damage to Novopazarska spa, Special Hospital for Treatment of Progressive Muscular and Neurology Disease, residential buildings in the part Dolovi (video) of Izbice village. The town district was bombarded (video) several times when residential objects, the bus station, Primary School “Bratstvo”, the Center for Social Work and the archeological location “Ras-Postenje” were damaged.

In the attack on the residential area of the town, a building in 74 Stevana Nemanje St.(video) was hit on May 31 1999, at 13.25 o’clock. It is visible in the town map that there were no military objects near the struck building. The nearest objects were family houses, Primary School ²Bratstvo² and the Center for Social Work. Even the building of the police station was over 500 m far from this building. According to NATO sources, military targets were a relay and barracks of the Yugoslav Army on May 31 1999.

In this attack, 11 people were killed, 24 sustained serious or minor injures and 12 were put in hospital. Among killed people, there were 2 children (one two-year child and the first year pupil of secondary school), and a woman. Among the injured there were 6 women, a child and 3 persons over 60 years of age. All killed and injured persons were civilians.

The bombardment was undertaken in the state of clear visibility and by a missile of high precision and great destructive power. The building was seriously damaged. Eight of twenty flats were completely destroyed and 13 cars were destroyed or damaged. Several other residential buildings, business premises, Primary School “Bratstvo” and a building of Medical Center were also damaged.