Aleksinac is a town of about 17,000 inhabitants. The region of Aleksinac has about 63,000 inhabitants. Main branches of economy are mining, agriculture, textile industry, civil engineering and spare parts industry for automobiles.

During the NATO aggression on the FRY, Aleksinac was the aim of bombardments three times: on March 26, April 5 and May 28, 1999.

The bombardment of Aleksinac on April 5, 1999, around 21.40, was the first case of the direct bombardment of residential areas in the territory of Yugoslavia which officials of NATO characterized as an “error” in the use of high technology in guiding of projectiles. An analysis of targets of the bombardment, used killing weapons, their power, achieved effects and victims caused suspicion in these explanations.

The first projectiles were dropped on the space of an empty barracks of the Yugoslav Army, then, on the space near the Belgrade-Nis motorway, behind a petrol station, on the space between the driving school “Sumatovac” and the firm “Betonjerka” and on the space of the firm “Agrokolonijal”. Due to these explosions, there were damages on facilities of “FRAD”, textile industry “Morava”, “Stokoimpeks”, “Zivinarstvo”, the civil engineering enterprise “Moravica”, on the head office of the cold storage plant, on the motel “Morava” in which refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were situated and on other objects, shops, etc. (video)

Two projectiles of very high destructive power hit residential areas of the south part of Aleksinac. One projectile hit bulidings in Dusana Trivunca St., in the vicinity of the Medical Center. Another projectile hit buildings in Vuka Karadzica St. The diameter of the action zone, which was over 200 m long, indicated the destructive power of these two projectiles. On the map of the terrain, the place of the buildings is visible and it is noticable that the projectiles hit precisely the most densely populated places in that part of the town. The fact that these places are about 600-700 meters far from the barracks of the Yugoslav Army, as the crow flies, tells about the character and aims of the attacks.

In the bombardment on April 5, 1999, 11 people were killed, among which there were 9 over 60. More than 70 people were seriously or slightly injured.

On May 28, 1999, Aleksinac was the target of the attacks again. This time buildings were hit in the south-east part of the town, in Niska St., which are more than 500 meters far from the barracks of the Yugoslav Army. In this bombardment three civilians were killed and four were injured.